Tips for your baby’s nursery


Mum starts creating a safe and comfortable haven for their new arrival right from the time the journey of pregnancy begins till nursing and early years.

This is mums’ sweetest moment in life, we are going to offer you some handy tips on how to create your baby’s dream nursery, and how to get the right essentials for your baby’s room.



With your little one on the way, organising and decorating your baby’s nursery walls can be exciting. Specialists believe that nursery colours have a great impact on the baby’s happiness and comfort. Therefore, we recommend colours like bright pink and baby blue to be paired and complemented with stunning photographs and happy baby posters to add a special look and feel to the nursery.

As for furniture and the baby’s bedding accessories, choose from our coordinated collection of bed sheets and linen, keeping in mind the material, choice of bright and cute colours, and pretty prints. Make sure to have more than one set on hand to ensure a clean change as and when needed.

In addition to bedsheets, it is necessary to have a cosy sleeping bag for little ones who are less than six months, to keep them warm and cosy and ensure a sound sleep at night, whilst at the same time, protecting them from sudden or unexpected motion.Sleeping bags come in soft colours and beautiful designs and are easy to use and clean.Make sure to have more than one to keep your baby comfortable and healthy.

Cot bumpers are essentially important to complete your baby's nursery. Choose from an array of soft and colourful bumpers to ensure your baby is warm and snug in his first year.When you’re looking for accessories, choose from our gorgeous collection that includes high chairs, baby walkers and activity stations which are essential for baby, especially in the early years. These have been carefully designed to help your baby walk and aid healthy growth. Also check out our stylish and colourful bouncers and rockers that are a lot of fun for little ones and will keep them active



Mothercare also has special offers on a wide range of nursing and babies’ essentials including Moses baskets, car seats, blankets, travel cots, wall stickers and so much more!

At Mothercare, we spare no effort to give parents-to-be the best quality products at affordable prices, whilst offering mums-to-be, a perfect journey through her pregnancy filled with love, happiness and beautiful moments.